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Saving a life is about being prepared!

  • CPRAIDR is proven to improve the quality of CPR by 135%*.

  • 70% of cardiac arrests happens at home and only 1 out 10 survives.

  • Train CPR at home with your family, it is like a life insurance.

  • Affordable for all families CPRAIDR empowers everyone to make a difference.

The chain of survival

The chain of survival is a series of steps that should be taken to improve the chances of survival for someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. These are the steps:

Ebba Bertilsson,
author of a Stockholm University thesis

"Cardiopulmonary resuscitation performed by firefighters was found to be significantly improved with the CPRAIDR"

Reliable in a real situation. Fun and inspiring when training.

Time is key! CPRAIDR gives real-time feedback for optimal circulation during a sudden cardiac arrest. Our solution enhances everyone's ability to save lives. CPRAIDR is used as a stand alone device for real stituaions and together with our Compression Pad and App for training.



CPRAIDR  is used as a stand alone device for real stituaions and for training with the Compression Pad and App.

Compression Pad.png

Compression Pad

Provides realistic training at home. Think of the training manikins but designed to fit in a private home.

CPR Guide App.png


CPR training made fun. Compete with friends, see your global ranking or level up in our training ladder. 

Our management team

Our team combines medical expertise with technology and sales. On the advisory board, we have a impressive list of investors from the cardiovascular health care system. Those who best understand how to improve cardiac arrest survival rates.

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CPRAIDR is a designed in Sweden by VitalSigns Innovation AB

VitalSigns Innovation AB

Kräftriket 9A
114 19 Stockholm, Sweden

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